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The perfect solution to working at height within the construction sector

Within the construction industry, there are many times when working at height is required. 

Prior to the introduction of mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) in the 1970s, the construction industry relied almost exclusively on ladders and scaffolding to access major work-at-height projects. But now MEWPs have become increasingly common thanks to their advantages of improved job site safety, access and productivity. A MEWP can provide a stable platform to work from for a wide range of construction site tasks. 

A powered access platform is one of the safest means for temporary work at height, provided that a risk assessment is done, managers and operators are properly trained and safe use procedures are followed.

GTAccess can help with specifying the correct access platform for the task, and we offer free site surveys that will carefully consider site layout, access, egress, land use and terrain.



Powered access platforms are important and useful pieces of equipment for providing demolition personnel with easy access to elevated and hard-to-reach areas.



"The equipment from GTAccess has allowed us to carry out many maintenance repairs without the need for otherwise expensive scaffolding.  The equipment is always in great condition and delivered to site with professionalism. "


Steve Bruce, Facilities Manager


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Before any work at height commences, it is important to assess the following:


  1.  Is there adequate space available for the operation and/or machinery?
  2. Are the ground conditions and topography suitable/stable?
  3. Is there adequate safe working distances from overhead services?
  4. Is the site access available/unrestricted?
  5. Are the wind speed, exposure and weather conditions suitable for use?
  6. Are the operatives adequately trained and proficient to undertake the tasks required?




Not sure which machine is right for the job?

We're more than happy to carry out an assessment and offer advice to help you choose.

The International Powered Access Federation promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide.


Our dedicated trainers have experience across a wide range of industries and can tailor courses to fit you. Whether you're an Arborist, Steel Erector or Electrician . So if you are looking for something a little bit more in your style then we may be able to help. GTAccess offers training for operators in the safe use of all kinds of Access Platforms. In addition we also offer a range of PASMA, First Aid and Health & Safety courses.

So, whatever you do for a day job, if it means working at height then we can enable you to continue doing it safely and productively.


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