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Push Around Vertical Lifts

A push around vertical lift can often be referred to as personnel lifts and they’re designed to provide a low-level access platform to help reach lower heights of work. Push around vertical lifts (PAVs) are ideal replacements for ladders, towers or steps for simple tasks such as lighting or heating maintenance.

Push around vertical lifts come in a variety of designs, some comprised of scissor lift platforms, while others use a tower lift design to rise vertically. The push around vertical platforms stocked at GTAccess have reach heights of 3.5m to 11.7m, ensuring you can find the ideal machine for your requirements. We have options to rent, purchase or contract hire our push around vertical lifts. Get in touch today.

Push Around Vertical Lift

The UK’s largest privately owned supplier of Push Around Vertical Lifts

GTAccess has over 40 years of experience and we are the UK’s largest privately owned supplier of push around vertical lifts for hire and purchase. With our range of accreditations from organisations such as PASMA and IPAF, you can trust that we are a valued provider of push around lifts.

Get in touch to book a free site survey or you can use our online machine advisory service.

What is a Push Around Lift (PAV)?

Push around vertical lifts come in various specifications and various reach heights. The push around lifts stocked by us at GTAccess have varying reach heights of 3.5m to 11.7m and a weight capacity of up to 465kg to ensure that every client can find a machine to suit their needs.

Our lifts come in various specifications, some of which feature a scissor lift platform or tower to provide effective straight up access with the ease of moving the machine from one work area to the next. When navigating between small or narrow spaces, push around lifts are ideal to perform many scopes of work.

A push around vertical lift is ideal for general repair work, routine maintenance, managing inventory, stacking high shelves, inspecting light maintenance or hanging decorations. All the vertical push around lifts supplied at GTAccess are battery powered and can be purchased, rented or contract hired from us for however long you require.

Whatever your requirements are, GTAccess will have a versatile push around lift available to hire or purchase for use on your site.

Electric scissor lifts

We supply a range of electric-powered scissor lifts that can reach heights of up to 22 m. These scissor lifts are battery powered and typically used for indoor applications on even ground. Each lift has unique specifications and should be used in accordance with the user manual and applicable health and safety precautions.


Diesel scissor lifts are significantly more durable than electric-powered lifts and are typically used on the toughest of jobs, usually working outdoors and in tough terrains and on uneven ground. Our diesel scissor lifts can reach heights of up to 22 m with a load capacity of up to 750 kg.


Scissor push around lifts are perfect for moving personnel and equipment in a vertical direction with ease. Use your scissor push around lift and transport equipment across your site.


Hire a Push Around Vertical Lift

Our extensive fleet is over 3,000 strong with new, used and refurbished machines of various makes, machines and models being added all the time. We have a huge host of machines available with various options to rent, contract hire or purchase a machine with us.

With over 40 years of industry experience and as the UK’s largest privately owned supplier of push around lifts, we understand the things you look for when choosing a machine. For companies looking to test out a vertical push around lift, you can contract hire one of our machines for as long as you require.

Hiring a push around lift provides your business with the opportunity to test out the performance of a lift, increasing productivity, efficiency at work, and how safely you can carry out certain types of work. Many industries rely on powered access platforms such as push lifts, including the manufacturing, electrical and facilities management industries.

For longer leases, we provide service and maintenance plans to ensure that your machine works as new for however long you require the machine.

Have You Considered Contract Hire for Push Around Lifts?

For businesses that are unsure about purchasing a machine, why not contract hire on a fixed term contract. You can rent one of our impressive machines for a fixed period to meet the demands of your business, increase efficiency and see for yourself the benefits of using a push around lift for your business.

So if you need an access platform on a more permanent basis but want peace of mind with fixed monthly costs - a Contract Hire from us may just be the perfect solution for you.

Push Around Lifts for Sale

Our extensive fleet is comprised of various push around lifts available for sale. If you are unsure which machine would best suit your needs, you can use our useful machine advisory service to figure out which machine is best suited for you, before committing to a big investment.

Our large fleet of machines is comprised of various makes and models, with expansions occurring regularly to ensure we can provide our clients with the perfect machine for their needs. For all new machines we provide a full service plan to ensure your machine is taken care of to perform at its best for the course of its lifetime.

Why Choose a Push Around Vertical Lift from GTAccess?

We are the UK’s largest independent supplier of powered access platforms, including vertical push lifts. Our extensive fleet of PAVs and other machines are available for hire, purchase and contract hire and can be delivered anywhere in the UK thanks to our depots situated across the UK.

When you purchase or hire from GTAccess you’ll benefit from working with an experienced team, providing quality support as well as specialist training from organisations such as PASMA and workplace health and safety.

Be matched to the perfect machine with our machine advisory service and receive ongoing service and maintenance plans to keep your machine working perfectly for its lifetime.

Our Depots: GTAccess has depots across the UK, ensuring we can provide coverage and delivery of our services nationwide.

The international Powered Access Federation promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide.

IPAF Training for PAVs

We can supply quality training from one of our specialist training centres to ensure our clients are expertly trained to safely use our machines. Our training courses include courses from organisations such as IPAF, for operator training courses and MEWPs for managers. Correct training courses are essential to the safe usage of powered access platforms and will aid staff in efficient and safe machine use on site.

GTAccess are a fantastic training provider, with over 8000 people trained across 11 training centres thanks to 3 dedicated trainers.

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