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Powered Access Platforms in Halisham

Based conveniently in Bromsgrove, our head office ensures we can provide an extensive range of powered access platforms available for hire and purchase across the nation, including Halisham. Our impressive fleet includes over 3,000 powered access platforms and more than 70 different types of machines to choose from, ensuring you will always find a machine to suit your needs.

As one of 11 branches nationwide, our Halisham depot offers a wide range of access platforms available for sale and hire. We also offer IPAF accredited training courses for all the machinery we supply at our specialist training centre in Halisham. Additionally, we can curate a specialist service and maintenance plan to keep your machine running as it should for the duration of its lifetime. GTAccess is able to deliver to your site in Halisham and across the nation.

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The UK’s largest privately-owned supplier of powered access platforms

GTAccess has one of largest and most current fleets of powered access equipment in Halisham and across the UK. Included in our collection are some of the latest cherry pickers, boom lifts and telehandlers available to hire or purchase. As well as a host of other powered access platforms.

With over 40 years of experience in the powered access industry, there’s little our expert team does not know about working at height. Our various accreditations from organisations such as PASMA and IPAF demonstrate our dedication to safe working, quality service and best practices, highlighting our dedication to providing only the best power access equipment to Halisham and the surrounding areas. We also provide comprehensive training and safety courses for all our machines, as well as a specialist online machine advisory service to help you find the best machine for your needs.

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Over 30 years of experience providing powered access

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Over 60 individual types of machine for all sectors

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We comply fully with recognized industry bodies

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Access platforms for hire in Halisham

GTAccess has an impressive and diverse catalogue of powered access platforms for hire in Brentwood, with over 70 different types of platforms, including scissor lifts, cherry pickers, boom lifts, and other powered access equipment. Our impressive range of equipment makes ours the largest and most current fleet in Halisham and beyond. What’s more, our dedicated group of delivery drivers ensure fast and efficient delivery to your site, wherever you are in the Nation

Regardless of your industry, we at GTAccess are confident that we have the expertise to ensure you’ll find the ideal machine for your unique requirements. Our large fleet of scissor lifts, cherry pickers, telehandlers and other powered access equipment ensure you will always be matched with a machine that is right for you. Beyond the purchase or hire of your machine, you will continue to receive ongoing support and detailed service and maintenance plans to maintain your machine in order to keep it running like new for as long as you require.

Access platforms for sale in Halisham

GTAccess offers delivery and supply of all powered access equipment in Halisham and the surrounding areas, providing an extensive fleet of new, used, and refurbished access platforms for sale to suit all budgets. Our fleet includes the highest quality, reliable powered access equipment, such as scissor lifts, boom lifts, cherry pickers and trailer mounts. With over 40 years of industry experience and expertise, we are the largest independent supplier of power access platforms in Halisham and across the UK.

Regardless of your industry, we offer an impressive fleet with an unlimited ability to provide the safest solutions when working at height. Additionally, our expertise and dedication to providing ongoing support to our clients make us one of the most valued and trusted suppliers of power access platforms in Halisham and across the Nation. Paired with our various accreditations from organisations such as IPAF and PASMA.

After purchase, you will still benefit from the expertise of GTAccess through detailed service and maintenance plans curated by our expert team to ensure your machine continues to run correctly across the duration of its lifetime.

The international Powered Access Federation promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide.

Powered access training

At GTAccess, we offer fully accredited powered access training from our specialist Halisham training facility, which is one of 11 across the UK. We specialise in offering safety training courses recognised by industry standards to ensure that all use of access platforms is undertaken with the safest measures possible.

Our training courses are certified by organisations such as PASMA and IPAF, as well as workplace health and safety courses which are recognised by industry standards. We have successfully trained over 8,000 people to safely use powered access equipment, with our specialist training centres providing combination courses and other relevant health and safety courses to ensure the proper use of all our sold or hired equipment. We are even able to offer some evening and weekend courses.

After over 40 years in the industry, we have collected a wealth of knowledge that guarantees our teams of dedicated staff and trainers can provide the correct support for your unique requirements. Get in touch to find out more. 

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We want you to have the best experience possible with GTAcces that's why we offer a range of products and services to help you complete your tasks, safely, conveniently and cost effectively.

Hire or purchase the following powered access equipment

We have a wide selection of scissor lifts available for hire or purchase, with working heights ranging from 5 - 22 m. Our scissor lifts available to hire or purchase are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, depending on your unique requirements.

Our range of articulated boom lifts available for hire or purchase allow easy access to areas between 6 - 43 m high. Suitable for various outdoor uses, these versatile lifts are ideal for working at extreme heights.

We supply several cherry pickers available for hire or purchase, all of which are well-adapted to working at extreme heights. Perfect for servicing and maintenance applications, our cherry pickers provide safe access platforms for outdoor settings.

We offer a range of trailer mounted boom lifts that are ideal for full flexibility and manoeuvring at height. Offering the maximum reach from a compact chassis, our trailer mounts are available to hire or purchase are suitable for all projects requiring extensive reach with limited space.

Our range of vehicle mounted boom lifts available to hire or purchase have a working height of 20 - 48 m. Their increased capacity and weight intake make them ideal access platforms for both works in tight spaces and across multiple sites.

We stock a number of push around vertical lifts available to hire or purchase in Bromsgrove. They are lightweight and easy to manoeuvre by rotating the handle, making them the ideal low-level access platform in many settings.

Our stock of tracked spider lifts are ideal for landscape maintenance jobs thanks to their lightweight and compact design. With working heights of 15 – 25 m, their rigidity and ability to clear obstacles make them ideal access platforms available to hire or purchase.

We stock a selection of telehandlers that provide maximum utility to any work site. Able to reach impressive heights whilst lifting heavy loads of 2,500 kg, our telehandlers available to hire or purchase are ideal for construction and landscaping applications.

You’re bound to find the ideal heavy-duty access platform among our stock of forklifts available to hire or purchase from our Halisham depot. They allow for the lifting and transporting of heavy loads, whilst also offering maximum manoeuvrability. Plus, their counterweight design results in improved safety when in use.

We stock a selection of material lifts that have a working height of up to 8 metres. They are ideal for construction and landscaping applications, have impressive portability and are heavy-duty, allowing them to handle and lift a number of materials.

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