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Hire a trailer mounted lift from GTAccess

To fulfil your various unique project requirements, GTAccess offers a wide range of trailer and vehicle-mounted lifts for rental that can reach heights of between 12.2 and 48 m. Trailer and vehicle-mounted lifts are fixed onto a uniquely designed chassis that can either be towed or driven to your work site and easily moved around sites for installations or application of equipment on larger infrastructure projects. We are confident that we can provide the equipment you need. Why not try our online machine advisory service to assist you in selecting the right equipment for your operation? You will need to decide between hiring a diesel vehicle mounted lift, an electric or bi-fuel trailer-mounted lift.


Electric trailer mounted lifts for hire

We provide lifts in a variety of sizes that can carry payloads of 200 kg and reach heights between 12.2 and 17.1 m, depending on the model. In addition to having numerous safety features, our electric trailer mounted lifts for hire are specifically designed to give maximum reach performance from the most compact chassis possible. The elevators in our trailer mounted lift selection are either electrically or biofuel driven, ensuring they produce lower emissions and are beneficial to the environment, as well as economical. These electric trailer mounted lifts have hydraulically operated outriggers to make set-up both quick and easy, and their versatile telescopic upper booms ensure unrivalled working reach.

Diesel vehicle mounted lifts for hire

Because they are more robust and durable, each of the diesel vehicle lifts in our selection are specifically designed to operate on harsher terrains and surfaces. These powerful platforms are perfect for working on building sites since they can easily elevate numerous engineers and various pieces of equipment and are easily moved around the site. Several of them can be driven on a standard licence and have turret rotation for greater access.  Most platforms can easily lift several engineers, as well as tools. The largest vehicle mounted lifts can be supplied with a fully trained operator with the relevant qualifications and licence to enable you to get on with the specialist work in the safest and most efficient way. The models we offer can handle weights ranging between 225 and 600 kg and can reach heights of between 19.9 and an incredible 48 m.

Hire a trailer or vehicle mounted lift from one of our depots

With 11 depots around the nation, GTAccess offers a wide selection of trailer and vehicle mounted lifts available for rental. Whether your task requires renting an electric or a diesel vehicle mounted lift for large construction projects, we can provide you the ideal model for your requirements. Our trailer or vehicle mounted rental package can include comprehensive training, service and maintenance for the safety of your crew and long life of your rental lift. We take pride in being able to provide a comprehensive range of trailer and vehicle mounted rental options across the country, with the majority of equipment arriving at your site the following day.

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