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Machine Advisor


We will walk you through 3 simple questions to help you find the right machine for your job.


What access do you have?

Straight Up

If you can get right next to where you need to work then you can go straight up. Remember to take in to consideration pavements, Kerbs etc..

Straight Up = Scissor Lift

Straight Out Only

If there are low level items in front of where you need to work then going straight out may be the best option for you to reach the work area.

Straight Out = Telescopic Boom

Up and over an obstacle

If there are objects in the way such as canopies, trees, machinery or racking then you will need to go up and over those objects to reach the work area.

Up and Over = Articulated Boom

Where will you be working?


I will be working indoors in an enclosed area. Noise and fumes might be an issue?

Indoors = Electric or Bi-energy power source


I'll be working solely outdoors and noise is not an issue.

Outdoors = Diesel power source

What is the terrain like?


The ground is relatively even and solid such as tarmac, concrete or compacted gravel.


The ground is rough and unfinished.


The ground is relatively even and solid such as concrete or compacted gravel


The ground is rough, uneven and loose