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Telehandlers for Hire

Hire a telehandler from GTAccess

Short for telescopic handler, a telehandler is a very versatile machine that can lift, move and position heavy materials within many different settings such as construction sites, farms, waste management plants, mines and festivals. Often described as a worksite workhorse, they are suitable for material handling and movement, transportation of heavy goods and pallet loads of up to 2,500kg.  

The telehandler is similar to a forklift, but whilst a forklift can lift loads up and down, a telehandler can extend its telescopic lifting arm to move loads backwards and forward as well as up and down, reaching heights of up to 16m. A fixed cab telehandler is usually suited to heavier load bearing whereas a rotating cab is well-suited to being an on-site crane. Whilst telehandlers can be operated indoors, for example in a warehouse situation, they are better suited to outdoor uses because of their size. GTAccess supplies a range of telehandler lifts for hire across the country on both long- and short-term lease hire packages.


Electric telehandler lifts for hire

Electrically operated telehandler lifts are available for hire from GTAccess. Operating on lithium-ion battery power, they can be recharged quickly during break times, to ensure long hours of service. Electrically powered telehandlers are quieter and emission-free, making them environmentally friendly and are the best fit for an indoor application, or places where ventilation is restricted, to keep the air cleaner. Being an eco-friendly machine, an electric telehandler lift rental will help to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, whilst still achieving full production quotas and all within your business’s budget.

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Diesel telehandlers for hire

GTAccess has a wide range of diesel telehandler lifts for hire which can have a variety of attachments added, such as forks, buckets, baskets or winches, depending on the demands of the project being undertaken. Also available are a variety of sizes of diesel telehandlers for rental, and the larger the machine, the greater the loadbearing it can manage - and the higher the reach of the machine. Our diesel telehandlers for rent are fuel efficient and, as they are generally more powerful than their electric counterparts, are an excellent option for any outdoor application that requires both powerful lift as well as reach, and their versatility of varying attachments makes them a great choice of machine to work with onsite.

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Hire a telehandler lift from one of our depots

GTAccess has 11 depots across the country, which enables us to offer a wide range of telehandler lifts for hire. We can offer the best model for your project’s requirements and aim to deliver your new access machine to your site by the following day. We offer electric and diesel telehandler lifts for hire on both short-term and long-term contract hire basis, saving you the cost of an expensive purchase. The further benefit of hiring a telehandler lift from GTAccess is that they will be provided with a six-month LOLER certificate, service and maintenance, as well as full operational training to ensure your staff’s safety.

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