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Material Lifts

Material lifts are compact and portable machines, specifically designed to increase productivity on site. Used for a wide variety of applications, they are incredibly easy to operate manually by a single operator and make light work of lifting heavy objects weighing between 295kg and 454 kg, depending on the size of machine. Material lifts are used to raise or lower materials used in construction, handling or storage.

Across our 11 sites nationally, GTAccess has a wide selection of material lifts available for hire and purchase, giving you the choice to find exactly what your company needs for the job in hand. We also offer comprehensive training courses for those operating our machines, to make sure they are used safely.

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The UK’s largest privately owned supplier of material lifts

GTAccess has been in the industry for over 40 years, so there isn’t anything we don’t know about material lifts. We offer training on workplace health and safety, as well as a comprehensive range of IPAF and PASMA courses. We have also won some impressive awards, such as the Excellence in Innovation, amongst others.

Use our online machine advisor service to find the perfect machine for your requirements or book a free site survey to benefit from our expert advice.

What is a material lift?

Material lifts are a simple, one-operator lift that can allow the lifting, positioning and installation of heavy objects. Typically, lifts operate at 3m, 4.5m and 6m. Their benefits are that they can fit through doorways and are very lightweight, yet strong and robust. When not in use, the can have the arms dismantled for easy storage or loading into a van. Operable both indoors and out, there is no engine, as either a CO2 cartridge or air compressor does the lifting via the winch system. Material lifts are an excellent solution for guaranteeing workplace health and safety in workplaces where employees have to lift heavy loads. This is because they prevent the risk of back injuries. They are also very versatile, given that they can be adjusted to lift a wide variety of loads of differing weights, shapes and sizes. Material lifts are perfect for lifting, positioning and installing materials without injuring your workforce. They increase efficiency, safety and productivity.

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Hire a material handling lift

GTAccess has an impressive fleet of material lifts of various sizes and lift capacities. As material lifts have such a variety of applications, there are few industries in which they wouldn’t be used. Used for lifting, positioning and installing materials of all kinds, they are vital machines in warehouses and factories, retail shop floors, construction, distribution and disposal, as well as many other areas.

Hiring a material lift can improve the efficiency of your business and help ensure health and safety practices of your team when it comes to lifting and carrying heavy items. Whether you need a material lift for a short or extended period of time, the machines we have available for hire allow you to save a large up-front cost. Service and maintenance plans are available to make certain that your machine continues to work perfectly.

Browse our range of material lifts available for hire below.

Have you considered contract hire for material lifts?

GTAccess offers competitive contract hire on our material lifts. Saving money by only paying for the use you require. Our fixed-term plans also allow you to set and stick to a monthly budget throughout the duration of your hire contract. There are also service and maintenance plans available for all our long-term leases to make sure your machine is continually in excellent running order.

Get in touch to discuss your meterial lift contract hire today.

Typical Contract Hire Examples

So if you need an access platform on a more permanent basis but want peace of mind with fixed monthly costs - a Contract Hire from us may just be the perfect solution for you.

Material lifts for sale

Purchasing a material lift from GTAccess will improve your work efficiency and be a worthwhile investment for your business ensuring that your staff will be able to move heavy items without injury. We are continually expanding our fleet, so we are confident that we will be able to find the perfect machine for your needs.

Before you make a big investment, and if you’re unsure about what is the right machine for you, check out our machine advisory service, which can help match you to the perfect material lift. Service and maintenance plans are available on all our new material lifts to ensure they continue to operate as new for the duration of their lifetime.

Why choose a material lift from GTAccess?

GTAccess has 40 years of experience working in the industry of powered lifts and platforms, so there’s very little we don’t know about working at height. With the largest fleet of privately owned powered access lifts and platforms in the country, we are confident that we can find the best machine for your company’s needs.

As a highly accredited and trusted supplier and trainer, we have the expertise to ensure that you are not only supplied with high quality machines but also excellent training to make sure your staff remains safe whilst using your new machine, whether it is hired or purchased.

Our depots

Our head office is located in Bromsgrove, and we have 11 depots located across the country, ensuring that we can offer machines for sale or hire and training courses, at an easily accessible site close to your business, wherever you’re based.

The international Powered Access Federation promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide.

IPAF training for material lifts

GTAcess understands the importance of keeping staff safe when working with powered access equipment and at height. The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has training courses to ensure the safe handling of material lifts and we offer a comprehensive range of IPAF courses, from operator training to MEWPs for managers. Making sure that your staff is well trained is vital for proper use of your material lift, as well as for guaranteeing efficiency and the safety of all staff on site.

GTAccess is proud to be a leading training provider with more than 8000 clients trained already across all of our 11 training sites, by three dedicated trainers.

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