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Give your workplace a productivity elevation with material lift hire from GTAccess. Material lifts use either compression mechanisms, hand-operated systems, or CO2-powered hydraulics to carry weights of almost 500kg to heights of up to 6m. They’re operated by a single person and can fit through doorways and operate in tight spaces.  

As the UK’s largest privately owned supplier of material lifts, we stock a huge range of compression, manual and CO2-powered material lifts, meaning, with us, you can always find the right material lift rental for you. We even supply all the safety equipment, accessories and operational training you could need.  


Your choice of material lift: CO2, compression, or manual for hire

Compression or CO2-operated lifts can handle heavy loads with ease and make ideal construction material lifts. They are compact, and only require a single operator, but do require the safe handling, storage and loading of compressed gas canisters.  

Manual lifts do not require gas and are typically smaller and more portable. They are often used for lighter items than their compression or CO2-powered alternatives but still allow staff to safely move large objects with ease.  

If you’re unsure about your material lift hire needs, make sure to speak to our expert team who can help get you kitted out, no matter the job at hand.  

Benefits of hiring a material lift 

Material lift rental is designed to help you address your lifting requirements without having to shell out for expensive equipment or worrying about storing it. Material lifts can boost your productivity, lifting heavy loads to heights with ease and moving precisely, ensuring your employees are safe from back injuries and other workplace hazards associated with heavy items.  

Thanks to their portable, lightweight nature, they can also be utilised exactly where you most need them.  

Your questions about material lift hire answered

The cost of your material lift hire will depend on which equipment you choose to hire, for how long, and whether you select any additional accessories or training.

With GTAccess, we make material lift rentals national. We have depots across the UK, so wherever you are, we’ve got the equipment for you.

Each project will have different requirements. Our expert team will be able to advise on which material lift rental options are right for you, get in touch today to learn more.

Yes. We provide expert training courses in the safe operation of all of our access equipment.

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