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New Push Around Vertical Lifts for Sale

Buy new push around vertical lifts from GTAccess

GTAccess has over 40 years of experience supplying powered access platforms across several industries. We offer a host of new push around vertical (PAV) lifts for sale, each of which can be used for a wide range of applications and industries. We are confident in our ability to help you find the right machine for your business, which will meet both your budgetary needs and unique lifting requirements – whether you need an electric PAV for indoor use with a small footprint or a manual PAV that requires no battery or electric power source. These types of powered access platforms offer a safer and more secure solution to using ladders, stairs or towers for working at height in indoor environments. By using our online machine advisory service, you can find the perfect machine for your task or project.


New electrical push around vertical lifts for sale

We offer a range of models of electric push around verticals for sale that can raise weights of up to 250 kg and reach heights of up to 11.7 metres. Our selection of electric PAV lifts are fitted out with a number of safety measures and can be equipped with several accessories to increase the efficiency of your machine, in addition to boosting compliance with any safety regulations. These access platforms are ideal for use in restricted internal spaces and can fit through doorways thanks to their compact design and narrow dimensions. Our electric PAV lifts are also noiseless, cost-effective, and emission-free.

New manual push around vertical lifts for sale

The selection of new manual push around vertical lifts that GTAccess has to bypasses the need for any batteries or electricity. These lifts are therefore a truly eco-friendly choice, as they are emission free and incredibly affordable, in addition to producing no noise. They also boast the advantage of a compact design, whereby the machine doesn’t need to be unfolded or constructed, thus constituting an uncomplicated, fail-safe solution for working at heights. Each lift has a height range of 3.5 to 4.2 metres, a bearing capacity of up to 150 kg, and a range of safety features such as brakes, which immediately engage when you enter the basket.

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Power Tower PECO LIFT

Reach Height 3.5 m 11' 6"
Platform Height 1.5 m4' 11"
Height Stowed 1.55 m5' 1"
Length x Width 0.99 m x 0.7 m3' 3" x 2' 4"
Platform Size 0.6 m x 0.72 m2' 0" x 2' 4"
Weight 180 kg397 lb
Lift Capacity 150 kg331 lb
IPAF Category PAV
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Power Tower PECO LIFT machine image

Power Tower ECO Lift

Reach Height 4.2 m 13' 9"
Platform Height 2.2 m7' 3"
Height Stowed 1.95 m6' 5"
Length x Width 1.28 m x 0.74 m4' 2" x 2' 5"
Platform Size 0.85 m x 0.64 m2' 9" x 2' 1"
Weight 305 kg672 lb
Lift Capacity 150 kg331 lb
IPAF Category PAV
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Power Tower ECO Lift machine image

Power Towers NANO

Reach Height 4.25 m 13' 11"
Platform Height 2.5 m8' 2"
Height Stowed 1.56 m5' 1"
Length x Width 1.19 m x 0.75 m3' 11" x 2' 6"
Platform Size 0.73 m x 1 m2' 5" x 3' 3"
Weight 285 kg628 lb
Lift Capacity 200 kg441 lb
IPAF Category PAV
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Power Towers NANO machine image

Snorkel S3010P

Reach Height 5 m 16' 5"
Platform Height 3 m9' 10"
Height Stowed 1.8 m5' 11"
Length x Width 1.2 m x 0.75 m3' 11" x 2' 6"
Platform Size 0.52 m x 1.12 m1' 8" x 3' 8"
Weight 370 kg816 lb
Lift Capacity 240 kg529 lb
IPAF Category PAV
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Snorkel S3010P machine image

Power Tower PT

Reach Height 5.1 m 16' 9"
Platform Height 3.1 m10' 2"
Height Stowed 1.85 m6' 1"
Length x Width 1.6 m x 0.78 m5' 3" x 2' 7"
Platform Size 0.75 m x 1.52 m2' 6" x 5' 0"
Weight 342 kg754 lb
Lift Capacity 250 kg551 lb
IPAF Category PAV
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Power Tower PT machine image

Snorkel UL32

Reach Height 11.7 m 38' 5"
Platform Height 9.7 m31' 10"
Height Stowed 2.51 m8' 3"
Length x Width 1.32 m x 0.74 m4' 4" x 2' 5"
Platform Size 0.56 m x 0.66 m1' 10" x 2' 2"
Weight 465 kg1025 lb
Lift Capacity 136 kg300 lb
IPAF Category 1a
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Snorkel UL32 machine image

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GTAccess has a sizable inventory of new PAV lifts for sale, with 11 depots spread out across the UK. We can match you with the best machine for your requirements, whether your project calls for a used electric push around vertical lift for larger indoor projects or a manual one for access to tasks at height without the need for ladders. We also provide comprehensive training programmes for your team’s safety, in addition to service and maintenance packages, which help to keep your machine running continuously without any problems. We take great pride in being able to provide customers with a broad variety of new push around vertical lifts for sale and are able to deliver the majority of our equipment direct to your location the following day.

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