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GTA Ground Guards, what are they and do I need them


02 February 2022

A frequent question we get asked when customers are either working on soft or sensitive ground, examples of which can be grass, block paving, slabbed areas, gravel, internal sensitive floors, etc, is do I need to protect the surface.


And the answer I always give is the same, probably yes if you have concerns.


The costs if you don’t can be prohibitive, such as machine recovery from a location such as the pictures below, though in some circumstances this can be minimal compared to other associated costs.




A lot of people think that GTA Ground Guards are purely for external use, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Imagine the cost to replace an area of block paving or multiple meters of slabs or tiled flooring in such locations as shopping centres, office complexes, potentially this could run into £1,000’s.

And the hire cost for ground guards are amazingly low, only £10.00 per week per board, and for most applications, you very rarely need more than 6-8 boards.

So the next time you are worried about any ground conditions call us for impartial advice, or better still ask us to undertake a free of charge site survey, and whilst there we can also ensure that you get the correct machine for the job.

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