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04 February 2015

GTAccess have rolled out their all new GTA Secure™ system, fitting all their new machines with tracking units and RF card readers.

The GTA Secure system means that real time machine location and status information can be seen live from any internet connected computer, smartphone or tablet. Start time, finish time and usage during any period can all be monitored and reports can even be e-mailed directly to the customer hiring the machine for complete control and peace of mind.

Geo fencing allows customers to set accepted and no-go zones for any of the machines they have on hire, and they can opt to receive immediate alerts should their machine enter or leave any of those areas. The card reader also allows customers to control who uses their machine – either with a GTA Secure RF Access card or code, granting access only to machines specified by the customer, or by only allowing trained operators to use a machine by requiring the swipe of an IPAF license to activate it.

Around 20% of the GTA fleet is already fitted with the GTA Secure system, and with every new machine automatically fitted with this feature as standard, this figure is set to steadily rise.

Find out more about the GTA Secure system here.