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27 February 2024

GTAccess Ltd and Mervyn Thomas Radnorshire, a prominent logistics company, have joined forces to enhance child safety at Eardisley Primary School.

In a collaborative effort to promote safety within the community, GTAccess Ltd and Mervyn Thomas Radnorshire have donated Hi Viz Vests to Eardesly Primary School. These vests will ensure increased visibility and safety for the children during outdoor activities and school trips.

"Ensuring the safety of children is paramount, and we are delighted to contribute to this important cause," said Jonathan Till, Managing Director at GTAccess Ltd. "By providing Hi Viz Vests to Eardisley Primary School, we aim to support their efforts in creating a safe environment for students."

"We are proud to partner with GTAccess Ltd in this initiative," said Mervyn Thomas, Owner at Mervyn Thomas Radnorshire Transport. "The safety of children is a shared responsibility, and we are committed to playing our part in safeguarding the community."

 “We were delighted to hand out our brand-new Hi-Vis jackets to the children on Friday. They’ve come at a really good time with the dark mornings and evenings, along with the wild weather.” Commented Head Teacher Bridget Knight  “We are intending that they will be used throughout the school year, whatever the light levels, to keep children safer as they walk to and from school.  

This would have not been possible without your generosity and on behalf of the everyone at Eardisley Primary School we would like to say a very big thank you.”

 The donation of Hi Viz Vests underscores the commitment of GTAccess Ltd and Mervyn Thomas Transport to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. By collaborating with local schools, businesses, and organizations, they aim to make a positive impact on child safety and well-being.