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Helping the Graffiti Kings to Commemorate a TSB Community Award Winner


17 August 2017

The 2017 Pride of Birmingham TSB Community Partner Awards recognizes the incredible work carried out in Birmingham communities.

It’s winner this year was Randhir Singh Heer, founder of Midland Langer Seva Society, who was commemorated with a personal mural.

The Midland Langer Seva Society are passionate on the homeless crisis within the UK and India. Across India and the UK they have 25,000 volunteers consisting of men, women and children. They serve all regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, age or gender and aim to aid the homeless crisis through the implementation of sustainable programs that improve the lives of those they serve.

The award was an unexpected shock to Randhir stating, in a TSB press release, “I didn’t expect it at all. To me, it’s nothing special what I’m doing. I’ve got a family at home but these guys, I see them on a daily basis. They’re my family, too.” 

Andy Armitage, regional branch distribution director at TSB, said: “The winner of the TSB Community Award could not be more deserving. This award is about us recognising local people working in partnership with other people to address a need in their community”.

A local group of graffiti artists called The Graffiti Kings created the mural, located in Birmingham, that Randhir was presented with. Their aim is to show how street artists can revitalise community spaces, creating vibrant urban works with regenerative power.

In order to reach the side of the building upon which the mural was to be painted, The Graffiti Kings enlisted the help of GTAccess who, after surveying the site, provided them with a JLG 860AJ telescopic boom that provided enough reach to complete the job. 

It was an honor for GTAccess to get involved with the making of this mural which commemorates, what GTAccess believes to be, an important social and moral issue within the UK. As a company GTAccess hopes to be involved in many more opportunities like this that highlight the important issues in the UK.