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Multi Site flexibility with a truck mounted boom


20 January 2021

Truck mounted Booms are perfectly suited to multi-site jobs where the ability to drive in, complete a task and move on is called for.

Truck mounts give you the versatility to do several jobs on different sites, all in the same hire. Why not make your budget go further by visiting multiple sites and spread the cost of the powered access hire over several projects?


Meet the latest addition to our our growing hire fleet of Truck Mounted cherry pickers.

The versatile MultiTel MZ250 truck mounted boom has a reach height of 25 metres


Truck mounted cherry pickers can also offer a greater working envelope providing flexibility whilst on site; some truck mounts are perfectly adapted for negative reach jobs with specialist units able to even reach beneath bridges; as they are registered road vehicles they are also permitted to operate on roads.

GTAccess offer a range of self-drive truck mounts up to 25 metres that can be driven on a standard UK driving licence with operated units also available upwards of 33 metres.

20 metre - Isoli PNT205N

22 metre - MultiTel MJ226

23 metre - MultiTel MX235

25 metre - MultiTel MZ250

33 metre - Ruthmann Steiger T330

36 metre - Ruthmann Steiger T360

40 metre - Ruthmann Steiger T480


When it comes to Truck Mounted booms an operated hire is very often the way to go with one of our experienced and qualified operators meeting you on site, setting up the vehicle, operating it and once you have completed your job – they simply drive it away.