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The Power in Access

The power in access

Our employees are our most important asset

That's why we invest in them!

We are a family business that invests in its commitment to ensure all our customers get the very best products, advice and service our industry can provide.

Part of that investment is in employing and retaining the very best individuals with the right attitude and skills to contribute to delivering our long tem goals. We hope that the majority of our employees will remain in our employ because they enjoy their work and, in particular, the Company they work for.

Health and Wellbeing

At GTAccess we take our responsibilities for the health and wellbeing of our employees very seriously. 

We want our employees to be healthy at work which depends on good health at home too. Our wellbeing programmes include health risk assessments and we encourage employees to take responsibility for their health through our monthly employee newsletter.

We also understand the importance of good mental health and offer support to deal with work-related or personal problems and stress.
No smoking policies in offices, and designated smoking areas in the factory grounds

Training and Development

We believe it's important to make sure that opportunities for personal challenge, development and, where possible, career progression allow GTAccess employees to realise their full potential. So we provide access to learning, guidance and assistance to ensure employees are encouraged to increase their knowledge, skills and experience. This can include internal training programmes, mentoring and coaching, and external training. 

Remuneration packages are negotiated on an individual basis and include excellent salaries and a pension scheme.


What we are looking for

Like many other successful companies, at GTAccess we never stand still and are continually looking for a better way of doing things and to exceed our customers' expectations. The challenges of competing for business in what is a very competitive market is growing all the time, so it is essential to our continued success that everybody working at GTAccess has the same positive mindset and focus.

Our people are the most critical component of our long-term success, that's why we invest time and effort into creating a friendly and encouraging work environment. We believe in rewarding our team for a job well-done. Our people achieve success by meeting — and often exceeding — clearly defined and measurable objectives.


Our shared values

There are three elements that make up our shared values:

Guidance - the ability and experience to provide exceptional levels of guidance to our customers

Trust - to be  a company that our customers can put their trust in to deliver

Awareness - have complete understanding and awareness of our customers needs

Our Mission Statement

We make working at height safe by providing our customers with the right equipment, training, advice and support allowing them to focus on completing their tasks safely, efficiently and cost effectively.

We aspire to use the power of innovation and technology to make the process of Hiring, Use and management of powered access equipment as safe and as simplistic as possible.

An exciting place to work

GTAccess can be an exciting place to work. Employees are given a certain level of automony and allowed and encouraged to make decisions and recommendations.

We look to maintain a friendly and efficient atmosphere within the workplace one that exudes family values at its heart. 

Job Opportunities.

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