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Forklift Rental Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

What is a forklift?

A forklift is a small, powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials and large loads of approximately 900 – 6,800kg, depending on load rating, to impressive heights safely. GTAccess provides forklift hire services for businesses seeking reliable machines to manoeuvre goods on pallets within warehouses, storage units or distribution centres as well as supporting projects which require hydraulic lifting outside.  

Forklifts have several applications, and we can supply the ideal forklift for hire from one of our nationwide depots, suited to your specific needs, outlining each machine’s load capacity, size and more. We also provide IPAF training courses to ensure all your employees are well-versed in the operation and safety of forklifts. Whether you need a forklift for a short period or an extended time, we have the tracked forklift hire options to suit your requirements. 


Electric and Diesel Forklifts for Hire

GTAccess provides electric and diesel options for forklift rental, ensuring there is a solution for all types of projects and uses. Electrically operated forklifts are more often used in indoor situations, where their emission-free operation is appreciated in areas of lower ventilation. Choose our range of diesel forklifts for hire to better suit outdoor environments where they may encounter rougher terrain. Our experienced and friendly team can advise you on the best forklift for your project.  


Electric Forklift Hire

Electric forklift hire is easy with GTAccess, we have a wide selection of electric models with excellent features making them indispensable for warehousing, production line feeding, logistics and unloading trucks and goods transport and much more. In one of these eco-friendly trucks, the 80V batteries are quick to charge and produce zero emissions, keeping your warehouse’s ventilation clean for your workforce. Economical to run and with service included in our contract hire packages, electric forklift rental makes practical and economical sense.  

Diesel Forklift Hire

Our diesel range of forklifts to hire are a popular choice among many industries as they are robust and hardy. With a higher torque, they are perfectly designed for rough terrain and are cheap to run. Diesel forklifts can lift weights of over 3,000 kg to heights of over six metres depending on the model. Diesel forklifts for rental are more durable, operated hydraulically and fitted with all-terrain tyres, making them ideal for construction sites where the terrain can be more uneven and where they won’t need regular charging.  


Benefits of Forklift Hire

Hire forklifts from GTAccess and benefit your short or long-term requirements, mitigating the need to pay costly sums for a model. Hiring a forklift means you can use it for as long as you need, without the worry of where to store it once your project is complete. We will supply you with the newest, up-to-date machines with the latest technology and safety features, leading to increased efficiency and safety in your operations. Scale your fleet up or down according to your needs with our forklift hire service, easily matching the number of forklifts you require.  

Forklift rental also gives you the chance to test various models before considering purchasing a forklift for a long-term commitment. 

FAQs - Your Guide to Efficient Lifting Solutions

The price of hiring a forklift will depend on factors including the duration of your rental period, the model you select and any extras you choose with your contract. We can happily provide you with a quote for forklift hire by contacting us.

Yes, we are proud to provide IPAF powered access training courses for those needing qualified training to operate forklifts and other powered access platforms. Visit our training page and download our brochure to learn more.

The right size forklift for your project will depend on the heights you want to reach, whether or not your project is being conducted in an indoor or outdoor environment, and the size of the space you can operate in. Our vast range of forklifts to hire means there is a suitable choice out there for every need. Explore our range or get in touch with us to help match you with the perfect forklift.

Yes, GTAccess has a range of both battery (electrical) and diesel-operated forklifts. Electric forklifts for hire are most used for indoor projects, whereas diesel forklifts boast a more rugged design, most suited for outdoor requirements.

The international Powered Access Federation promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide.

IPAF Training for forklifts

The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) has training courses to ensure the safety of operators of powered platform machinery and those who manage them. Forklift truck accidents are amongst the most common in the workplace, approximately a quarter of all accidents, with a staggering number of fatalities - all of which could be prevented with appropriate training.

GTAccess are proud to be leading providers of training with more than 8,000 people trained across our 11 training centres by our 3 dedicated trainers.

Get in touch today to find out how our training courses can benefit your company and keep your workforce safe as they use powered machinery and forklifts on site.

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