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Scissor Lifts for Hire in London

Hire a scissor lift in London from GTAccess

At GTAccess, we have a wide range of platform access lifts including, forklifts, cherry pickers and electric and diesel scissor lifts available for hire in London. Our scissor lifts are the solution to many internal high-reach tasks, and our plant ranges from the IPAF 3A Dingli DL0607, with a reach of 5.6m, to the Dingli DL2212DC with a superb reach of 22m, all with impressive load support capacities between 159 and 750kg.

We supply electric scissor lifts that can be used in narrow spaces, fit through tight entrances and operate in small, enclosed areas. Our robust diesel scissor lifts are designed specifically to handle rougher terrains and surfaces, making them ideal for external construction sites.

All our scissor lifts available for hire in London come with many safety features and are available for quick jobs or long-term projects at fantastic prices.

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Electric and diesel scissor lifts for hire in London

Our electrical scissor lifts have load support capacities ranging from 159 to 750kg and can reach between 5.6 and 22m. They are ideal equipment for internal use in enclosed areas, thanks to their quieter operation and ease of manoeuvre. All of our electric scissor lifts produce zero emissions making them the environmentally friendly choice.

Our diesel scissor lifts can support loads of between 363 and 681kg and reach heights ranging between 9.92 and 22m. Diesel scissor lifts are designed to work in rough, muddy and uneven environments as they are more durable and robust. Many models come with roll-out deck extensions for greater access and include safety features such as guardrails and outriggers. 


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We want you to have the best experience possible with GTAcces that's why we offer a range of products and services to help you complete your tasks, safely, conveniently and cost effectively.

Operate scissor lifts safely with IPAF training courses in London

GTAccess has 11 depots nationwide, which all stock a wide selection of electric and diesel scissor lifts for hire. Our scissor lift rental packages include service and maintenance, on-site delivery and thorough, certified IPAF scissor lift training to ensure the safe management and operation of all our equipment. We can provide IPAF 3a and 3b training courses for access platforms, as well as harness safety training for operatives - both of which can be completed at our Luton and Brentwood depots.

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality scissor lifts for hire in London, at fantastic rates, while ensuring all operators and on-site personnel can work safely.


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