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Used Tracked Spider Lifts for Sale

Buy used tracked spider lifts from GTAccess

For more than 40 years, GTAccess has offered powered access platforms throughout the UK. Our extensive stock of used tracked spider lifts for sale are suited for a limitless range of applications and functions, allowing you to choose the machine that is most suited for your company. GTAcess offers a wide array of used tracked spider lifts for sale, including electric, hybrid, and diesel powered models from various leading brands, to suit all price ranges and industries. Whether you have an inside project requiring a remarkable reach with a minimal footprint or an outside operation that entails moving a team of engineers and equipment for a large building project, we are sure to have a machine that that meets your requirements. Why not try using our online machine advisory service to work out which is the best machine for your project? Each of our used tracked spider lifts for sale comes with a six-month LOLER certificate to guarantee the dependability of your equipment. To ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your lift, we also provide service and maintenance packages.


Used electric tracked spider lifts for sale

Our lifts come in a range of sizes and, depending on the model, can lift loads of up to 230 kg and reach astounding heights of between 15.4 and 52.7 metres. Our used electric tracked spider lifts are mounted, caterpillar-type crawler lifts that can be purchased and include a number of safety features including fold-down outriggers. Our electric tracked spider lifts can be employed in limited spaces because they conveniently fit through small openings like commercial and industrial doorways. These platforms are both cost-effective and environmentally sustainable because they are powered by mains electricity and produce no emissions. They also have the added benefit of being quieter. When coupled with one of our transformers, they are swiftly recharged over night to ensure another full day's work.

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Used diesel tracked spider lifts for sale

Our range of diesel tracked spider lifts for hire are specifically designed to tackle uneven terrain and surfaces thanks to their greater sturdiness and caterpillar-style crawler tracks. Since they effortlessly elevate engineers and equipment, these durable platforms are suited for use on construction sites. The most durable self-propelled used tracked spider lifts that are available for sale are our diesel models, which are able to work continuously all day without needing to refuel. These platforms, which have both horizontal and vertical reach, can boost production through careful manipulation. Some models can lift weights of up to 230 kg and reach heights of up to 25.7 m, depending on the platform required for the project.

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Buy a used tracked spider lift from one of our depots

Given that it has 13 depots spread across the UK, GTAccess has a wide range of used tracked spider lifts for sale. We can match you with the ideal machine for your needs, whether your project calls for a used electric tracked spider lift for an indoor task or a diesel one for massive construction projects. We also offer complete training for the security of your team, along with packages for service and maintenance. We take great satisfaction in supplying customers nationwide with a variety of used tracked spider lift sale options, with the majority of equipment arriving at your site the subsequent day.

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