Fuel Box


Product Description

Each Fuel Box contains 20 Litres of Gas Oil in a UN approved bag in a box system.

Suitable for all off-road diesel engines, fitted with DPF, EGR and SCR systems including modern machines calibrated to EN590

• A fast efficient, easy to handle, refuelling solution.
• Glug free pouring system prevents unnecessary spillages.
• Zero risk of contamination.
• Reduce downtime by storing on-board your vehicle in case of emergencies / run-outs onsite.

The Fuel Box contains the 10-plus additive system, a unique specially formulated Additive System, achieving an outstanding performance over conventional Red Diesel/Gas Oil.

  • Improved cetane rating (boosts power).
  • Improves combustion efficiency.
  • Improves fuel consumption.
  • Reduced visible emissions (smoke).
  • Protects against wear in fuel pumps / injectors.
  • Enhances the performance by up to 15% of older engines.
  • Disperses existing sludge build-up.
  • Contains demulsifiers to combat water build-up.
  • Reduces deposit and varnish build-up.
  • Improves storage stability (By up-to 2 years)

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There is a minimum order quantity of 12 fuel boxes when ordered for separate delivery. An additional charge for delivery may be made.