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In addition to providing powered access equipment for more than 40 years, GTAccess has an equal amount of expertise in training others how to use powered access platforms securely. The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is devoted to encouraging the safe and efficient use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs), including scissor and boom lifts amongst others. Any person utilising a MEWP is eligible for the training and certification programmes, which equip operators with the information and abilities necessary to reduce accidents and injuries. 

GTAccess can guarantee your team has received all the necessary IPAF training in Nottingham, enabling safe operation of powered access vehicles and working at height. The IPAF powered access licence (PAL) card, which is accepted by all major contracting groups and complies with the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and PUWER Regulations 1998, is awarded to trainees upon successful completion of IPAF operator courses. This card is valid for five years before it needs to be renewed. 

As a condition of employment and safety measures, many employers demand IPAF training and a valid PAL card. GTAccess offers courses that can be completed at suitable times for your team, including weekend and evening courses, as well as through e-learning.  


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Powered access IPAF courses in Nottingham

Our closest accredited training centre is in Bromsgrove, but we also offer remote access for our IPAF courses in Nottingham. Our courses include MEWPs for managers, operator training, harness safety training and IPAF demonstrator, as well as load/unload courses. 

The international Powered Access Federation promotes the safe and effective use of powered access equipment worldwide.

Book IPAF 3a and 3b Courses in Nottingham

The IPAF Nottingham 3a and 3b courses are specifically designed to train operators in the safe and efficient use of both new and used MEWPs, which includes equipment like cherry pickers, scissor lifts and electric and articulated boom lifts. 

IPAF 3a training course 

The IPAF 3a course focuses on providing operators with safe instruction and operating mobile vertical (3a) machines, such as vertical personnel platforms. Participants will learn about performing pre-use inspections, safe operation procedures and important safety guides.  

IPAF 3b training course 

The IPAF 3b training covers all aspects of safe operation for mobile boom (3b) machines, including telescopic boom lifts and cherry pickers. Participants will receive instructions on operating these safely, including positioning, manoeuvring and compliance with safety regulations. 

Both courses are available at our local depot near Nottingham, making it convenient for businesses and customers who require cherry pickers, scissor lifts and boom lifts for hire or purchase. 


IPAF training Nottingham | FAQ's

GTAccess offers a range of IPAF courses in Nottingham with prices ranging from £99 to £450 per person. Our courses are also eligible for CITB Grant funding. Take a look at our course prices.

Upon successful completion of your IPAF training course in Nottingham, you will be awarded with an IPAF PAL card which is valid for five years before you will have to renew it.

IPAF training courses are designed to be accessible and comprehensive, focusing on safety and operational competence. They are not usually challenging for individuals committed to learning and following proper safety protocols.

Before booking your training course, consider what type of course you require – 3a, 3b, PAV or 1b – whether you want to participate in classroom sessions or via e-learning modules.

No, you don’t need to have used an MEWP to be accepted for IPAF training. These courses are for trainees and complete beginners to safely learn how to operate all types of MEWPs.

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