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New Trailer and Vehicle Mounted Lifts for Sale

Buy new trailer and vehicle mounted lifts from GTAccess

GTAccess has been a reliable provider of powered access platforms for over 40 years. Our team can help you choose the machine that is most appropriate for your business from our extensive selection of new trailer and vehicle mounted lifts for sale, which are ideal for various projects and applications. GTAccess possesses a fleet of trailer and vehicle mounted access platforms for sale to suit your budgetary requirements, including electric, hybrid, and diesel models from leading manufacturers. We are certain to have a machine that meets your demands for whatever task is at hand, from indoor projects that demand exceptional reach with a small footprint or an outdoor operation that requires elevating a team of engineers and equipment for large-scale construction.

Why not try out our machine advisory service to find your ideal machine? To guarantee the longevity of your access platform, we also offer service and maintenance packages.


New electric trailer and vehicle mounted lifts for sale

We have a selection of electric trailer mounted lifts for sale that can carry engineers and equipment of up to 200 kg and reach heights between 12.2 and 17.1 metres, depending on which model you choose to buy. Along with numerous safety features and accessories, our electric trailer mounted lifts are designed to give maximum reach up and over obstacles as well as ease of access when transporting to different locations. Our trailer mounted lifts are either electrically or biofuel driven, which helps benefit the environment and produces low emissions, and can keep your costs down.

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New diesel trailer and vehicle mounted lifts for sale

Our stock of diesel vehicle mounted lifts for sale can reach heights between 19.9 and 48 metres with extensive carrying capacities of up to 600 kg. They are mobile, can effortlessly lift multiple engineers and equipment, and are incredibly stable and sturdy for working on large-scale projects such as construction sites. Another benefit of our diesel vehicle mounted lifts is that they can be driven with an ordinary license and several of them offer turret rotation for greater accessibility. The largest of our diesel vehicle mounted lifts can be supplied with a fully trained operator to assist you in completing specialised work most safely and effectively.

Buy a new trailer or vehicle mounted lift from one of our depots

GTAccess can provide an extensive fleet of new trailer and vehicle mounted lifts for sale from one of our 11 depots located across the UK. We can offer you the perfect machine to meet your demands of working in indoor or outdoor environments, whether that be with an electric or diesel trailer or vehicle mounted lift. We also offer full training courses to keep your crew safe while operating machines as well as providing servicing and maintenance packages to support the lifetime of your access platform. You can trust us to deliver your machinery to your location the very next day

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